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 COVID School Policy and Plans 2020-21

​1. Symptom CHECKLIST. Students and Staff: Please complete this short check each morning before leaving for school.
Students or staff who are sick should not attend school in-person.

2. DISTRICT COVID PLAN. Please Read. (Updated 18 Mar 2021)

3. REMOTE LEARNING PLAN 2020-21 (Updated 30 Sep 2020)

6. South Dakota Department of Health Coronavirus Information: (web links)
+ South Dakota Department of Health Information on Coronavirus. Click this link
+ South Dakota guidance for schools reopening and daily operations, 2020-21. Click this link
COVID19-DOH 20-21.pdf
1/4/2021 12:45 PMConvey, Dale
3/23/2021 11:44 AMConvey, Dale
3/22/2021 9:39 AMConvey, Dale
Remote Learning Plan 20-21.pdf
1/4/2021 12:43 PMConvey, Dale
SchoolExclusion 20-21.pdf
1/4/2021 12:43 PMConvey, Dale
ScreeningSymptoms 20-21.pdf
1/4/2021 12:43 PMConvey, Dale
What is COVID19.pdf
1/4/2021 12:47 PMConvey, Dale